Project Homes of Hope


Homes of Hope involves the overall care of 60 to 80 girl children. They can be given life, decency, privacy and a safe haven where they will be cared for and loved. Currently the home is working in Chennai city with limited facilities. Having its own home can help more needy children and provide better facilities and space for their wholesome development.

We plan to establish the Homes of Hope in India, outside the hustle and bustle of the crowded city at a peaceful area with access to education and other amenities. We envision establishing a home for girls, a school for them and others in the nearby community, a vocational training center and staff quarters. This would enable us to extend the services to more needy children, touching and building more lives. The cost of this facility for these priceless 60-80 girls is half a million dollars to build. It’s a big project that only God can do.

The Building Project and How to Support

An account will be established in Nevada (Missouri USA) for money raised for Rose of Sharon Homes of Hope. All donation amount will be recorded and be in an interest bearing account. An accountability team will oversee all transactions and will help determine the time to start building.

Once construction has begun, we will be soliciting teams and individuals to travel to India to observe, God’s handy work.

You can partner with us in making this vision possible. We ask your prayers that God will be the Chief Builder in this project and the Holy Spirit will motivate His people in this effort.

Please contact us for more information on Project Homes of Hope.